Shrink Rap: Modeling Compassion

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Shrink Rap: Modeling Compassion

A Telluride local, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer is an internationally recognized expert on treating the clinical issues at the nexus of relationships and behavioral health. (Scroll down for more on Dr. Paul.)

Given the vitriol that’s spewing in our country, it’s easy to get discouraged about the state of affairs. Dr. Paul talks about how to go high – when they go low.

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Yes, we’re in a period of political and social disruption- but it’s possible to ground yourself in the swirl.

When leaders fail to properly lead, we must reclaim our world through our actions.

Although on its face it seems contrary, the best way to do this is by modeling compassion for ourselves and others.

It may sound “airy fairy” but it isn’t. Compassion has been empirically shown to reduce anxiety, depression and improve our physical well-being.

I was reminded of this by Kelsey Butler, a bright young author who asked me to contribute to an article she wrote on why we should be more thoughtful and kind.

The five top reasons we discussed are:
1. It improves our physical and emotional health;
2. It enables us avoid and process stress;
3. It expands our worldview;
4. It helps us deal with difficult people; and,
5. It reminds us to be kind to ourselves.

5 Reasons To Be More Thoughtful

So in these challenging times let’s #modeldignity4ourleaders

Compassion holds the power to improve how we feel, while improving our relationships, our country and the world around us.

More about Dr. Paul Hokemeyer:

Dr. Paul is frequently quoted in a host of media outlets including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He serves on the panel of experts for the “Dr. Oz Show” and is a Fox News analyst. Dr. Paul served on the board of directors for the New York Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, and received his certification as a clinical trauma professional. He also holds a law degree.

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