Telluride Med Center: New Doc Fills Need for Women’s Health/Osteopathic Services

Telluride Med Center: New Doc Fills Need for Women’s Health/Osteopathic Services

This week the Telluride Regional Medical Center announced the addition of a new family care provider to its medical staff. Christine Mahoney, D.O., is now seeing patients at the busy primary care practice.
Dr. Christine Mahoney

Dr. Christine Mahoney

As a doctor of osteopathy, and graduate of the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Mahoney is a primary care doctor with special interest in pediatrics and women’s health.

She provides a range of routine gynecological services and special procedures that include IUD insertions; colposcopies; endometrial biopsies.

Her practice also includes osteopathic manipulation to help patients with conditions like painful periods, chronic lung disease, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, TMJ or newborns with poor feeding.
“A great day for me is when I can see a newborn and a 93-year-old,” said Dr. Mahoney.
Dr. Mahoney, a native Vermonter, first visited the area for a Bluegrass Festival and, like many guests to the region, wondered what it would be like to live here year round. Years passed. And then, a few months ago: synchronicity.
As she and her family were looking for a community to match their ideal small-town and active lifestyle, a quick Google search revealed the Telluride Regional Medical Center was looking for someone to join their small team of primary care providers.
“My original vision for going into medicine was to be the kind of doc that made house calls carrying a black bag. Today, in Telluride, I have that extraordinary opportunity to witness people’s lives and gain a global view of my patient’s life and health,” said Dr. Mahoney.
Dr. Sharon Grundy, medical director at the Telluride Medical Center, also finds the match kismet:
“Dr. Mahoney practices what we believe here: exceptional care requires a holistic approach and our lives, lifestyle, body, mind and health are intertwined. And she’s filling a real need here for expanded women’s health care and osteopathic services.”
To make an appointment with Dr. Mahoney, or any of the primary care providers, contact the Telluride Regional Medical Center at 970.728.3848/
More about the Telluride Medical Center:
Telluride Regional Medical Center provides the highest quality, comprehensive Primary Care and exceptional Emergency / Trauma Services. Since 1978, the medical center has evolved, wherever possible, right along with complex healthcare technologies and population growth while remaining within the 10,000-square-foot remodeled residential building, built in the 1960s.

Currently the Telluride Hospital District is working towards building a new facility which will serve the needs of the Telluride region today, tomorrow and fifty years into the future.

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