Telluride Med Center: You Deserve A New Facility

Telluride Med Center: You Deserve A New Facility

There is but one provider of primary and emergency care for the region, and we’re seeing more patients than ever before. We need a new medical center, not only for the future, but for today.


“Staying at our current facility is not an option. And this community, 65 miles from the next nearest hospital, deserves better,” says Med Center CEO John Gardner.

The Telluride Hospital District board has been working to secure a home for a new facility since 2006. Everyone recognized then that the number of suitable sites were finite and dwindling fast. Today, it’s imperative we seize the opportunity to work together to build the Critical Access Hospital to serve the region’s growing health care needs.

The medical center we envision will be modern, efficient, and built to adapt to changing demographics, technologies, and health care environment.

Community Benefits of New Facility:

  • Four beds for observation and treatment of patients
  • Up to two surgical rooms
  • A procedure room for minor surgical procedures and endoscopic surgery
  • Expanded diagnostic capability in x-ray and laboratory services
  • Expanded treatment areas in the emergency room
  • An expanded clinic to accommodate our Patient Centered Medical Home
  • Space for visiting specialists
  • Offices for administrative staff (to restore the synergies lost when staff relocated to the east end of Telluride, in 2015, to accommodate additional exam rooms)

A new and modern medical center means a vast improvement to your patient experience with enhanced privacy, safety, and access to care, including a heli-pad for critical situations.

By building a new facility, one designed to provide exceptional health care, we’ll offer the community a safety net and medical home that reflects their needs and honors the incredible professional talents of our primary and emergency care teams.

Join the staff at the Telluride Regional Medical Center by supporting our path; staying informed; and championing our efforts.

The greater Telluride community deserves a new medical center.

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