Telluride Yoga Festival: Overview

Telluride Yoga Festival: Overview

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The Telluride Yoga Festival released its 2016 lineup and schedule along with details of new offerings for the 9th annual event to be held July 21-24, 2016 in beautiful Telluride, Colorado.

The Telluride Yoga Festival will feature more than 50 presenters including headliners Tias Little, Alanna Kaivalya, Mas Vidal, Tymi Howard, Coby Kozlowski, Eric Paskel, and Gina Caputo.

Tias in action, explaining his long history with yoga:

And here is Coby Kozlowski featured at TEDxBerkshires.

And stress relief with Alanna:

Telluride favorites who will be back include Karl Straub, Allison English, Monica Mesa, Lara Catone, The Yoga Slackers, Anton Mackey, Vincent Bolletta, and Cat McCarthy along with new presenters and artists Steve Gold, John Salisbury, Francisco Kaiut, Jeanie Manchester, just to name a few.

Vincent Bolletta returns to Telluride from New Zealand:

Why Kaiut Yoga is floor yoga:

“The fact that Telluride is able to attract these amazingly gifted presenters and artists speaks volumes to the caliber of the event itself and Telluride as a whole. People want to come back year after year because we offer an authentic, pure, and intimate festival in an unforgettable location. It’s like no other yoga event out there,” says Erika Henschel, Festival Director.

This year, the festival is also excited about offering more that takes advantage of the natural beauty of the Telluride region: tented venues at the base of the Telluride gondola and in the Town Park Oval, more hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor yoga classes, loads of SUP (Stand Up Paddle) classes, now included with a weekend pass.

“I can’t wait to experience the energy that is going to fill the valley during Yoga Fest this year. Moving our date to a weekend where we don’t coincide with any other major festivals in town is going to make the weekend way easier to attend, especially for locals overwhelmed by choices, and generally more impactful for anyone who is here,” says Henschel.

Telluride Yoga Festival weekend kicks off with two amazing all-day workshops featuring Tias Little leading “Wisdom of the Subtle Body,” a journey through movement, breath and meditation from the gross (outer) to the subtle (inner) body;  and Dr. Alanna Kaivalya leading “Yoga beyond the Mat,” which should help students enhance their practices into a personal mythology by layering psychology, personal ritual, and the mythology of the hero into their yoga. The intensive take place Thursday July 21, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. They are followed by over 100 offerings throughout the weekend.

(Note: Stay tuned to Telluride Inside… and Out for podcasts and video interviews featuring Tias, Alanna, and other key presenters.)

About the Telluride Yoga Festival

The 9th Annual Telluride Yoga Festival is a four-day event featuring more than 50 world renowned presenters, an exciting lineup of heart-opening yoga classes, conscious musical artists, dynamic speakers, great outdoor offerings, including SUP yoga, hiking and biking along with meditation, social gatherings, and more.

Intimate workshops are held throughout the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village in eclectic venues with stunning views of the majestic mountains surrounding the Telluride area. It’s a unique and magical gathering unlike any other.

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