Thanksgiving: Holiday Jokes to Spice Up Your Feast

Thanksgiving: Holiday Jokes to Spice Up Your Feast

You  know how it can be with all the family gathered together over the holidays. One wrong move, one smart (read snarky) remark and someone leaves the table in tears. The whole game changes, however, if everyone stays put and tears are from laughter. Found these laugh-out-loud jokes in an Huff Post blog by Christine Dalton. Might be an idea to keep a few of them tucked under your napkin. I’m jess’ sayin’…


If returning to your hometown, having dinner with your extended family and eating yourself into a food coma aren’t your bag, Thanksgiving can be a little uncomfortable. Luckily, these comedians know exactly how you feel.

We rounded up 25 of the best musings on Turkey Day so you can crack a smile when your drunk uncle wants to talk about politics or your parents decide to break out those photos from your awkward years.

Check them out below, and when your aunt asks you why you’re looking at your phone under the dinner table, just tell her you’re posting on Facebook about how good her mashed potatoes are.



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