WOW Fest: Jonathan Ross

WOW Fest: Jonathan Ross

W.O.W.! In Telluride, the acronym stands for Becca Tudor’s wonderful Weekend of Wellness – Thursday, June 11 – Sunday, June 14 – personal training and lectures, featuring some of the top fitness instructors and docs in the country (also skilled locals) working in the field of health and wellness today.

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Scroll down to the bottom of the post to hear Jonathan Ross talk about his life and work.

Jonathan Ross, credit, Joanie Schwartz

Jonathan Ross, credit, Joanie Schwarz


Inhaling audibly, WOW! is also likely what you will exclaim under your breath when you meet one of the event’s lead instructors, Jonathan Ross of Aion Fitness, who is both talented and, it has to be said, easy on the eyes. Jonathan returns to W.O.W. for the third annual gathering of a very buff tribe.

Jonathan Ross is widely considered a superstar in the field – a three-time Personal Trainer of the Year Award-Winner (ACE and IDEA)  – a master of fitness motivation, and an expert in keeping the “person” in personal training. He is empathetic in large part (no pun intended) because of his well-documented personal experiences with obesity: at the time of his death, Jonathan’s father weighed 424 pounds; his mother, 370. He writes eloquently about how the memory of his father’s loss to obesity as a result of poor life choices and the fact his mom lost eventually 170 and became a runner, keeps Jonathan highly motivated.

(Read Jonathan’s backstory, “800 Pounds of Parents,” here.)

credit, Joanie Schwartz Photography

credit, Joanie Schwarz Photography


Jonathan is an author. His book, “Abs Revealed,” is a modern, intelligent approach to abdominal training. He is also a fitness blogger for Discovery Fit & Health and host of its web series “Everyday Fitness with Jonathan Ross.”

A former astronomer, Jonathan used to study stellar bodies. Now he builds them.

credit, Joanie Schwartz Photography

credit, Joanie Schwarz Photography


Summing up his personal philosophy towards fitness, Jonathan Ross explains:

“Fitness is easier when it’s connected to what we care about. Whatever you love about life, gets better and more enjoyable when you are fit. When the right intensity in a workout also involves fun and social connection, fitness can lead to personal progress and enjoyment. That is an idea I call “funtensity.” If we lose ourselves in the moment, capture our attention, while, at the same time, express physical intensity – much like children do when lost in play – we find ourselves working harder than we thought we ever could or would and still having fun. That is the key, the secret, to motivating those among us who are not immediately drawn to exercise. Too many focus on the drudgery and the “have to’s” of a fitness routine and feel that if they enjoy what they are doing, the outcome will not be beneficial. Not so.”

Joanie Schwartz Photography

Joanie Schwarz Photography


To learn more about Jonathan Ross, click the “play” button and eavesdrop on our chat.

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