WOW Fest: Bill Fabrocini

WOW Fest: Bill Fabrocini

On its home page, Telluride WOW describes itself as a festival for EVERYONE,“ an event with a passion to change peoples’ lives through  health and fitness – to inspire, motivate and educate.” 

Bill Fabrocini in action

Bill Fabrocini in action

The workout weekend is designed to meet attendees where they are on their journey towards wellness, inside and out.

Does WOW succeed?

In the words of WOW 2015 top presenter Bill Fabrocini PT, CSCS, of The Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute, the answer is  a resounding “Yes.”

“Telluride WOW Festival is a one-of-a-kind event featuring some of the premiere professional presenters from the worlds of fitness, health, sports, and medicine,” explained Bill. “Having attended last year as a participant, I was very impressed with the variety of topics covered, lectures and exercise sessions alike. The weekend offers something for everyone regardless of where they are in terms of their own health and fitness goals and education level. I left the WOW filled with creative ideas I was able to integrate into my sports practices. Most importantly, I made many new friends and gained several opportunities for professional networking. I highly recommend attending WOW.”  

Bill Fabrocini is a clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and a sports performance training coach. He has worked at the Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute in various capacities since 1990, at the same time running his own training and consulting business, Bill Fabrocini LLC.   

During the course of a 25-plus year career, Bill has designed exercise programs for several prestigious institutions both in the private and public sector, including Mass General Hospital and The Aspen Ski Company.

He has also worked with a broad range of athletes including Olympic Medalists, NBA, NFL, and NHL athletes, the U.S. Ski Team, professional soccer players, Grand Slam Tennis and Golf Champions, professional ballet dancers, world-class runners, professional cyclists, soccer players, collegiate and high school athletes, corporate executives – and everyday individuals of all ages.

He also advises several youth organizations, including Team Prep U.S.A., which have produced numerous collegiate elite runners and Olympians.

Bill Fabrocini is creator of the exercise program featured in “Thinner This Year” by Chris Crowley and Jenniffer Sacheck Ph D. The book is the the sequel to the New York Times best-seller “Younger Next Year.” He also produced the accompanying DVD series that supplements the exercise portion of the book, “Thinner This Year: Preparation for Movement and The Sacred 25 and Beyond.”

Bill is currently working on the “Younger Next Year” sequel that will further explore the concepts of movement and stability to enhance body function as we age.

At WOW, Bill Fabrocini is joined by other top presenters, including Jonathan Ross of Aion Fitness, Ed Harrold, Dirk Schultz, and Dr. Haley Perlus.

To learn more about Bill Fabrocini and WOW, click here and listen to our chat.

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