Tri-County Health: Surveying Community Health Needs

Tri-County Health: Surveying Community Health Needs

TCHNetwork seeks funding opportunities to address community identified needs

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Tri-County Health Network (TCHNetwork), a nonprofit dedicated to improving the overall health of its communities, conducted a community health needs survey to better understand the health needs of residents in San Miguel, Ouray, and Westend of Montrose counties. At the end of last year, TCHNetwork outreach workers administered and collected over 1,000 community health needs surveys. Participants of the survey ranged from 18 to 94 years old; some were insured, some uninsured,  and survey responses were almost equally divided between the three counties.

The survey included 21 questions that included: 1) “Please select the top 3 health challenges you face”; 2) “What keeps your family from seeking medical treatment”; and 3) “What do you think is your community’s greatest behavioral health related need”?” Responses are being used to determine the greatest healthcare needs of the community.

Common issues identified in all communities include access to specialists, dental care for adults, and mental health services. Other needs identified include access to home health/hospice services, providers not accepting insurance, and overall affordability of services. Fact sheets that highlight prioritized needs by each community can be found at

“Survey insights and identified needs will guide us toward improved healthcare in the region and future efforts to target resources and funding,” said Lynn Borup, Executive Director of TCHNetwork.

“The outcomes of the survey were not far from what we expected,” said Stacey Wright, TCHNetwork Programs Manager. “We have Network partners and outreach workers in these communities that are more than aware that access to specialty services are a barrier in the communities we serve. However, having residents reaffirm this through needs assessments goes a long way when we are trying to convince potential funders of our communities’ needs.”

With the final results of the survey, TCHNetwork is now establishing community work groups to develop a roadmap focused on identifying solutions.

“We need invested members of the community to participate in these work groups. This is an opportunity for people to be part of identifying solutions,” said Borup.

If you are interested in getting involved in this process, please contact Lynn Borup at

About Tri-County Health:

Formed in 2009, TCHNetwork is comprised of a group of health care providers that include Montrose Memorial Hospital, the Basin Clinic, Uncompahgre Medical Center, Telluride Medical Center, River Valley Family Health Center, the Center for Mental Health, and the Telluride Foundation. As part of its strategic plan, TCHNetwork operates a number of Community Outreach Programs that serve a vital role in filling the void of access to critical healthcare by assuring care is accessible, affordable and available to all populations living in the rural three county region regardless of socioeconomic status. Programs include: San Juan Kids Cavity Prevention Program (Skippy); Insurance Coverage Assistance Program; Regional Medical Shuttle Program; Community Health Worker Preventive Care Outreach; and Patient Health Navigator Chronic Care Outreach.

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