World’s Top (Boozy) Yoga Vacations

Remedy Yoga in LA expects students to smoke some cannabis before arriving at the studio and then think of their mats as “private magic carpets.” It is a glittering generality, but nonetheless true that a yoga practice is designed to change consciousness, i.e. deepen awareness of one’s self and surrounding world. But there is nothing about keeping limber in mind and body that precludes eating, drinking and being merry over a glass (or two) of wine (or cocktail) at the end of a day of practice (and other adventures) – such as the experiences offered by RE:treat.

A RE:treat yoga-based vacation is a well-rounded experience. Cheers!

A RE:treat yoga-based vacation is a well-rounded experience. Cheers!

What’s RE:treat?

It is a relatively new, Telluride-based yoga-inspired lifestyle adventure company offering first-class outings (or retreats) in the mountains of Telluride and similar locales abroad. The company’s tagline says it all: “Elevated lifestyle adventures.”  The founders of RE:treat –  Babsi Glanznig, Nicole Nugent, and Georgie Bishop – hail from three different continents, America, Austria and Australia, but the ties that bind are yoga, travel, food, and mountain sports. The programs the threesome offers through RE:treats in America and Europe naturally reflect their shared passions: Ashtanga, Forrest and restorative yoga practices, skiing, hiking, wellness advice, massage, local taste treats – and the occasional alcoholic beverage.

Here is what Georgie has to say on the subject of a potent cocktail of yoga mixed with alcohol.

“I love practicing yoga. And I also don’t mind a drink – or two. I know that in some circles that is a very un-‘om’ admission, but the more I say it out loud, the more I find others who feel the same way. I don’t drink a lot, but I do enjoy a glass of wine now and then – and ok, I also have a major weakness for margaritas if they are made fresh and just right. And it does seem the yoga community is catching up with people’s differences in lifestyles and designing experiences that cater to all sorts of yogis, even those like me who like a tipple now and again, case in point Yoga For Bad People. 

A group of (buff) ladies at a RE:treat adventure vacation. So good they are baaad.

A group of (buff) ladies at a RE:treat adventure vacation. So good they are baaad.

Yoga for Bad People is a New York- based yoga retreat company that offers yoga vacations where certain types of fun are embraced and encouraged. When we founded RE:treat, we felt we really resonated with Yoga For Bad People, as my partners and I encourage meat eating, wine drinking and general naughtiness on our yoga adventures. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t want our guests getting blasted and partying hardy night after night, but we recognize that a yoga retreat is also a vacation and guests should be able to let their hair down (and raise their glasses up) as they please without feeling judged.”

In 2015,  for example, RE:treat is hosting a Yoga Glamping Safari in the desert southwest of the U.S., a yoga + hiking retreat in the Italian Dolomites, a luxurious yoga adventure escape in Santorini Greece. Each of these retreats will involve a few relaxing cocktails at the end of an action packed day.”

This article by Gemma King in Epicure & Culture entitled “Wellness Travel: World Top Boozy Yoga Vacations” reinforces Georgie’s (and RE:treat’s) feelings on the subject.

On first consideration, drinking and yoga may seem rather incompatible. If, like me, you’ve occasionally had one too many glasses of red wine before heading to an hour of vinyasa and downward dog, you may have reservations about combining the two. But trust me: these two contrasting activities can actually come together to create a truly relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

For those who love wellness travel — wine and beer included — here are ten of the world’s top boozy yoga holidays:

Continue reading here or simply contact RE:treat to plan your next yoga vacation. 970-729-8108 or PB Box 2615, Telluride, CO. 81435

From Happy Hour at a RE:treat vacation.

From Happy Hour at a RE:treat vacation.

Oh, and cheers!

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