Tri-County Health Network: Understanding Regional Health Needs

  Tri-County Health Network: Understanding Regional Health Needs

Asking Regional Residents to Complete Health Survey


The Tri-County Health Network (TCHNetwork, a nonprofit comprised of regional health care providers, is working to better understand the health needs of the region. Over the next five weeks, TCHNetwork ‘s Outreach Team will be canvassing the communities of San Miguel and Ouray counties, and the Westend of Montrose County in order to distribute health surveys and discuss the importance of the survey with these communities.

The survey responses will help guide local efforts to develop a roadmap that targets resources and funding for identified community health needs, including developing specific solutions to address health disparities and gaps.

TCHNetwork received grant funding from the Colorado Health Foundation to conduct this survey to better understand the true needs of the community.

“Every voice matters in this process. We truly want to hear from everyone, not just the traditional stakeholders,” said Lynn Borup, Executive Director of Tri-County Health Network. “We want to better understand experiences, concerns, and gaps in health care. Due to the variety of factors that influence health, we are looking for public feedback to help develop an approach that brings together resources and funding to create a positive impact in all communities.”

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete, and all responses will remain anonymous. The survey is available to be taken online at or via your Smartphone through a QR code link on local flyers. Paper copies of the survey are also available at your local library and health clinics.

In October, TCHNetwork will share the results and collaborate with regional health care providers and stakeholders to draft a plan to address identified community needs, specifically targeting necessary resources and funding to move forward.

Go to and complete the survey to ensure your community’s voice is represented and your opinion counted.

Formed in 2009, TCHNetwork is comprised of a group of health care providers in southwest Colorado within the counties of Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel that are committed to improving the quality and coordination of health and healthcare services in this tri-county region by increasing access to healthcare and integrative health services at lower costs through collaboration and innovation. The tri-county area is an officially designated “Health Professional Shortage Area.” All of TCHNetwork members are nonprofit organizations with unique designations; three of the participating clinics are classified as true “Frontier Clinics,” serving remote rural populations with no alternative health care services within a 100 mile radius.

As part of its strategic plan, TCHNetwork operates a number of Community Outreach Programs that serve a vital role in filling the void of access to critical healthcare by assuring care is accessible, affordable and available to all populations living in the rural three county region regardless of socioeconomic status. Programs include: San Juan Kids Cavity Prevention Program (Skippy); Insurance Coverage Assistance Program; Regional Medical Shuttle Program; Community Health Worker Preventive Care Outreach; and Patient Health Navigator Chronic Care Outreach.

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