This Is The ONE Tourist Trap You're Missing Out On In Each U.S. State

Once the  Telluride ski resort closes  and we head into the “mud season” many Telluride locals head off to their favorite beaches and other exotic destinations around the world.  Some of us however, look forward to getting into our cars and heading out for a road trip.  Suzy Strutner offers up an informative look at some of the Tourist Traps that we may have missed in our travels across the U.S.:

It’s a fine, blurred, and fuzzy little line that separates our nation’s most-visited cultural sites from its trashy tourist traps.


Of course, any “tourist trap” can be a “cultural site,” depending on how you look at it. And any “cultural site” can feel like a “tourist trap,” if it’s crowded enough and sweaty enough.

With road trip season upon us, we’ve pinpointed some places that might get bad raps as “tourist traps” but deserve a visit, because they’re actually awesome.

Together, these offbeat, off-road places are one big celebration of America in all its kitschy, historic, lip-smacking roadside glory– and they’re definitely worth a veer off the Interstate.


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