Medical Moment: Four Tips For Better Grocery Shopping


Bridget Taddonio

Bridget Taddonio

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Grocery shopping. It’s a necessary chore, but for some people, it’s a serious headache.

Many feel overwhelmed or even anxious when they walk into a warehouse full of food. However, some of this anxiety may be eased with a few simple tips that ultimately will lead to a faster, healthier shopping experience.

1. Have a plan. The benefits of having a well thought-out shopping list before stepping in the grocery store cannot be overlooked Many people make grocery lists, but one mistake I see is that the items on the list don’t add up to coordinated meals.

Before you head out for your next shopping trip, plan what you’ll need for three meals per day for the next 2-3 days. Shop only for these nine meals. I’ve personally made the mistake of going to the store with a list of foods only to get home to a pile of food that doesn’t work together: Greek yogurt, leeks, and canned pumpkin? Oh YUM! Don’t make this mistake. Make a detailed list with foods that mesh well together.

2. Never shop on an empty OR full stomach. By now we’ve all heard (and probably experienced) that shopping on an empty stomach can lead to impulse purchases of less-than healthy foods. However, shop on a completely full stomach and nothing will look appetizing at all! If you’re like me, you’ll end up stocking up on cleaning supplies and toiletry items instead of fresh fruits and veggies!

The key is to shop when your somewhere in the middle; not too hungry, but not too full. Having a small healthy snack before entering the grocery store will stabilize your blood sugar levels and ultimately lead to healthier choices.

3. Know when your grocery store re-stocks its produce. Knowing when your local grocery stores re-stock their shelves with fresh produce will help ensure your produce stays fresher for longer and will ultimately give you more bang for your buck!

Both Village Market and Clark’s Market get daily deliveries of fresh produce. However, you will find the freshest produce on Mondays and Thursdays after the shelves have been newly refreshed.

4. Shop the perimeters. As you enter the grocery store, the items most conducive healthy eating can be found on the perimeter. That’s where you’ll find all fresh produce, dairy options, protein options, and grains options.

The center isles (with the exception of whole foods sold in bulk form) are generally filled with heavily processed food items that may taste good, but aren’t necessarily the healthiest. A good goal would be to fill three quarters of your grocery cart with foods found on the perimeter, leaving less room in your cart for center isle goods where the higher calorie items tend


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