New You In Ten Years: Biotech Leads The Way

New You In Ten Years: Biotech Leads The Way

Here’s an interesting take on the future of biotech by Dick Pelletier, that appeared in the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, New you in ten years: biotech leads the way:

In just ten years, older citizens might look in the mirror and ask, “Who is that gorgeous creature?” Their reflection would reveal a revitalized body overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, sporting a dazzling smile, wrinkle-free skin, perfect vision, natural hair color, real teeth, and an enhanced mind and memory.

Welcome to the future world of biotech innovations, which many future watchers believe will become widely available and affordable as we move through the 2020s.

With clinical trials now launching almost daily, experts predict that by 2023, doctors will be able to use stem cells, bio-pel20131028bprinting, and genetics to replace aging skin and strengthen frail bones and muscles. These medical wonders also promise to cure, or at least make manageable, nearly all age-related disorders, including the two major killers: heart disease and cancer. Singularity University’s Daniel Kraft explains.

Institute for Global Future’s James Canton believes a trillion dollar enhancement market brought on by these new technologies is about to evolve. Dr. Canton expresses his futurist views in this 3-minute video.

Some enhancements are already available. Fertility science, prosthetic limbs, wonder drugs like Prozac and Viagra; even steroid use, are all designed to improve human performance. Last year, 12 million opted for plastic surgery in their quest to look better, giving the cosmetics industry its largest success ever.

However, over the next ten years, stem cells, gene therapies and bio-printing, initially developed to cure sicknesses, will dwarf what can be accomplished with the knife; see video. These procedures promise less intrusive means to achieve that ‘younger’ look. ‘Boomers and seniors choose to go beyond today’s limitations of age and health; they welcome technologies that enhance looks, stamina, and intelligence.

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