Your Medical Moment: Yo-Yo Dieting? Stop!

Wellness Counselor, Bridget Taddonio

Your Medical Moment: Yo-Yo Dieting? Stop!


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Wellness Counselor Bridget Taddonio answers this week’s question: How can I stop yo-yo dieting? 10 Intuitive Eating Principles

Wellness Counselor, Bridget Taddonio

Wellness Counselor,
Bridget Taddonio

If you’re a yo-yo dieter, you know the feeling of guilt after an Oreo splurge, or the sound of yourself saying, “I can eat this. I’ve been good all week!”

We often place foods into “Good” and “Bad” categories, experiencing pride when we eat items from the Good List, and extreme guilt when we eat from the Bad. This is black and white thinking and it can be emotionally exhausting, degrading, and unless corrected, conducive with a lifelong habit of unhealthy yo-yo-dieting.

Building a healthy relationship with food is essential for lifelong health and it begins with intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating recognizes that we’re all experts of our own body. We know when we’re hungry and we know when we’re full. The problem is many of us rely heavily on external cues (calorie counting, portion sizes, clocks) to dictate our meal patterns instead of simply tuning into our bodies and honoring our hunger.

Developing a healthy relationship with food takes time and patience, but there is freedom from yo-yo dieting on the other side.

Intuitive Eating Principles  

(But don’t just read the headline! Click to read more about each principal)

  1. Reject the Diet Mentality
  2. Honor Your Hunger
  3. Make Peace with Food
  4. Challenge the Food Police
  5. Respect Your Fullness
  6. Discover the Satisfaction Factor   
  7. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food  
  8. Respect Your Body
  9. Exercise; Feel the Difference   
  10. Honor Your Health; Gentle Nutrition


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