Xercise Lab At Telluride’s W.O.W. Festival

Xercise Lab At Telluride’s W.O.W. Festival

When Jenny Rowe set out to create Xercise Lab, she did so with this goal in mind: get sweaty. A busy mom of 3 young boys, Rowe wanted to create an intense workout that could be done in 45 minutes. Thus, BurnLab was born: a pre-choreographed class designed for busy professionals as well as moms. “This was a need I had for me, my husband, and my children, and a need I saw at fitness clubs everywhere that they could not fill,” says Rowe, who started Xercise Lab last year and has already seen huge demand.hook arms

Rowe didn’t stop with the just the creation of BurnLab though. The company currently offers six labs, including a class geared towards kids called RecessLab. While the labs vary—two are in water, some are geared towards strengthening and cardio and others are geared towards stretching—the classes can all be completed in 45-minutes.

Telluride will soon have the chance to experience Xercise Lab firsthand. This weekend, at W.O.W. festival, Rowe is one of 17 presenters and is offering a variety of labs on Friday and Saturday. Additionally, her team recently trained Becca Tudor to run Xercise Lab classes, and Telluride Fuel will soon offer them locally.

Check out the program in action here, then scroll down to this great podcast with Jenny Rowe to hear more about the start of Xercise Lab.

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