No Barriers Summit: Go Play in the Mud!

No Barriers Summit: Go Play in the Mud!

What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way…

Handcyles, Valley FloorYou can probably guess that an organization co-founded by Erik Weihenmayer, guilty of summitting Everest while blind, will find a way to get a person into life no matter her/his limitations.

No Barriers Summit was the big game in Telluride last weekend, and I got to participate as a volunteer from Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. Unfortunately, a busy personal schedule only allowed for taking part on Friday but that was a full day!

Adaptive Sports Center and ReActive Adaptations, both from Crested Butte, were in charge of  the offroad handcycling clinic on the San Miguel Valley floor just outside Telluride.

Friday morning was mostly sunny and the trails were reasonably dry for our beginner/intermediate riders. We only had three riders for that clinic, so I took the opportunity to try out handcycling myself. I have new respect for anyone who can propel herself up a mountain with upper body strength alone!

In the afternoon the rains had come, the trails were muddy and slick, and I retreated to my mountain bike. That gave me the chance to shoot some action video of our group of intrepid athletes. No need to dwell on their disabilities: they didn’t.

Enjoy the video. Do you like dirty pictures?

Offroad Handcycling at No Barriers Summit from Clint Viebrock on Vimeo.

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