Forrest Yoga at Telluride Yoga Fest, Allison English

Allison English

Forrest Yoga at Telluride Yoga Fest, Allison English

Allison English

Allison English

Allison English found yoga as a teen while recovering from figure skating injuries and stayed with her practice through a dizzying array of life experiences. Her spiritual path led Allison to Forrest Yoga first and she fell in love with the methodology of practicing, teaching, and healing. That was 15 years ago and she hasn’t looked back.

After completing 1000 hours of training through the Foundation and Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Certification programs, Allison was voted “Best Yoga Instructor – Chicago” in 2008. Today, she travels the world as one of Ana Forrest’s assistant teachers and business consultants, leading her own retreats, conference sessions, teacher training, and workshops along the way. A top tier instructor, Allison has been featured in Self magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman, and other publications.

Who is Allison’s guru?

Ana Forrest’s life is grist for the daytime soap opera mill. She was born crippled, and growing up experienced physical abuse, drug addiction, epilepsy, and bulimia. Ana took her first yoga class at age 14 and became an instructor at 18. Over the years, a passion for healing herself and others led to complementary studies in Native American medicine/ceremony, homeopathy, martial arts, and psychotherapy. In the end, Ana Forrest came to embody a spirit who has overcome trauma and chosen the warrior’s path of compassion.

Like her teacher, Allison is a healer who draws on energy work, ceremony, expert hands-on assists, humor, and clear sequencing to help her students embody the Spirit within. Every practice with Allison is unique and tailored to students of all levels.

At the 6th annual Telluride Yoga Festival, July 11 – July 14, 2013, Allison goal is to help students connect with the physical, mental, and spiritual practices of Forrest Yoga with the natural elements in the world around us. Students will learn set personal healing intents, strengthen connections to their core, consciously deepen the flow of their breath, and play with the power of practice to transform.

“There will also be a strong emphasis on healing in my sessions this year, as I have been studying more deeply the practices of energetic healing and Native American medicine taught to me by Ana Forrest,” Allison explains.

IMG-398 copyDetails of classes to be taught by Allison English at Telluride Yoga Fest 2013 follow:

TRAILBLAZING. The terrain of the hips, pelvis and low back offers fertile hiking ground for exploring the energies and patterns of Self. This workshop will be your Forrest Yoga trail guide into opening up the magic and unraveling the layers of experience held within your hips. You will blaze new pathways as you course through deep hip poses, and you will open up a new set of legs to walk you through your life’s path. The practice is suitable for all levels. Bring two mats, a block and a strap.

WALKING THE HEALING PATH. The practices of Forrest Yoga uniquely ignite an inner healer that can guide you through incredible transformations of body, mind, and Spirit with grace. Through feeling into your edges and using your senses internally in backbends, you will learn how to access the healing messages and opportunities available in each moment of your practice. Backbends also cultivate a responsiveness in your heart that allows the wisdom of your Spirit to reach you more consciously so that you may walk in the life path your Spirit inspires. The practice is suitable for all levels. You will need two mats, a block and a strap.

FROM EARTH TO SKY. The energies spanned by Earth and Sky are represented by wide open opportunity meeting grounded depth and merging together. Use the particular sequencing techniques presented by Forrest Yoga to connect to the grounding energy of Earth through standing poses. Take this grounded awareness with as you learn how to reach into Sky energy and the opportunities for new perspective offered by inversions. Leave the practice with an expansive attention that holds possibilities in your life path in a centered space. This practice is suitable for all levels . You will need 2 mats, a block and a strap.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to my chat with Allison English.

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