Colin Livingston at PLUS


Colin Livingston at PLUS

Colin Livingston at PLUS

Almost 12 years ago when we first opened the doors to our new gallery Denver’s art scene, and yes, the world itself, seemed like a very different place.

Space Gallery had just opened around the corner and Andenken was also a stone’s throw away. The Denver Art Museum had just announced plans to build the new Hamilton Wing; the fledgling MCA Denver was starting to make good down the street. Curators from both institutions would visit fairly regularly to see what we were showing because many of our youngest artists were starting to draw attention.

Since then, Denver’s art scene has exploded with activity, with new galleries and art-districts springing up all around.The prestige of various institutions is finally pushing beyond the state’s borders and numerous individual initiatives from all corners are finally making many of us realize that Denver IS a leading arena for contemporary art. There were many thrilling moments during that first decade for sure, as well as many extreme tests of our fortitude and the will to keep on keepin’ on.

But this month marks one of our most historic moments yet – and one that is unprecedented in Denver’s history as well.

Bruce Price's small scale sculptural installation at DAM

Bruce Price’s small scale sculptural installation at DAM

Three of the most prestigious and unique contemporary art exhibitions in the city can be found (and shared) within 12 blocks of one another  –and all involve local PLUS Gallery artists.

It starts with Colin Livingston’s delightful, pop-infused conceptual extravaganza here at Plus.  Xi Zhang’s expansive and remarkable survey of figurative works is at the McNichols Building in Civic Center Park. Rounding out the trio, Bruce Price’s solo showing of abstract works on paper (including, for the first time, his small-scale sculptures) just opened a six-month run at the Denver Art Museum.

It is rare and remarkable to find a threesome like this on the same fast track. What’s more, they are bound together even more closely by several distinguishing factors.

All three artists are graduates from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, a school that has provided a wealth of what has become some of the the most formidable and lasting talent emerging from the Mile High City.

All three are dedicated to creating artwork that does not conform to any market dictates, instead pursuing highly personal paths that have shown remarkable cohesion since the inception of their careers.

All three are very humble, even though they’ve each been hailed by various art critics within the city as

Xi Zhang at the McNichols Bldg.

Xi Zhang at the McNichols Bldg.

“The Best” and/or have had a number of shows at Plus and elsewhere numerous times over the last decade.

In other words, all three have impacted Denver’s cultural scene big time whether or not they are brand names – yet.

Again, this is a moment that makes Plus proud, one we hope others might share as the art scene continues to evolve and shift in Denver and the greater world of contemporary art.

In invite everyone to check out the work of Colin Livingston, Xi Zhang and Bruce Price and admire one of the most diverse selections of artwork being created in the state today.


And now for some more great news. People magazine recently named Gwyneth Paltrow “Most Beautiful Woman in the World.” But we knew it was only a matter of time since PLUS find Jenny Morgan created a portrait of Gwyneth for New York Magazine back in 2010. (Take note: Jenny is on a fast track. Her New York opening takes place in May.)

Map of locations for the Power 3

Map of locations for the Power 3

Jenny Morgan - "Gwenyth," oil on canvas, 34 x 26 inches, 2010, Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan – “Gwyneth,” oil on canvas, 34 x 26 inches, 2010, Jenny Morgan

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