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11 Things to Do at the Telluride Medical Center’s Annual Health Fair

Saturday, October 13, 
11 – 3p.m.
At the Ah Haa Schoo

1. Get your blood drawn, Discounted Comprehensive Chemistry panel and free HIV tests, courtesy of the Telluride AIDS Benefit

2. Free Electrocardiograms by Telluride EMS

3. Eye pressure checks by Dr. Sharpe

4. Skin Exam by Dr. Renata Raziano

5. Physical Therapy Evaluations by Balanced PT and Peak Performance

6. Hearing Tests by Southwest Audiology

7. Children’s Helmet Giveaway

8. Dental Health by Dr. Ryan Grady

9. Diabetes Screening for at risk persons.

10. Provider Consults for persons who had their blood drawn prior to the Health Fair
11. Get a flu shot!

Editor’s note: The Telluride Medical Center is the only 24-hour emergency facility within 65 miles. You can choose your own medical provider visit with a specialist or take advantage of their Mountain Skin Care services. As a mountain town in a challenging, remote environment, a thriving medical center is vital to our community’s health. For more Medical Moments on TIO, Click Here.

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  1. The annual health fair comes as a boon to the people who can easily get the free medical check ups and other emergency tests done. Telluride medical center provides 24 hour emergency facility and people can take advantage of the facilities.