This week’s fashion blast is going to make vegans very very happy.

Leather pants are back.

But this time they are affordable.

Not to mention comfortable and breathable.

Hold back that spray paint. Here’s the punch line:


Introducing the “leatherette,” the newest fabrication for fall.

With fall trends leaning towards men’s wear-inspired fashions such as tweeds and trousers, mucho macho leather fits right in.

Speaking of all things fit – you and your new second skin –  new leatherette bottoms wear just like a skinny jean. And leatherette comes in an array of colors: Citizens of Humanity offers the look in the most basic black and brown, plus grey, blue and red.

Feels like a legging. Looks like a million bucks – minus, as I mentioned earlier, the hit on your pocketbook. Citizens of Humanity’s price tag: just $229.

And maintenance is simple and relatively inexpensive too: a dry clean will do the trick. No need for a professional leather clean, which really can add up.

Leatherette works by day with booties and plaid. It sizzles by night with heels and silk. Dress it up or dress it down, but definitely dress in the moment for less in leatherette.

Check out leatherette at our boutique, Two Skirts, Telluride. The latest from Citizens are in stock.

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