We can’t get enough of that crazy stuff.

I am talking jeans, which are the fashion world’s answer to the American flag in the middle of election season. In other words: they are ubiquitous.

We all have our favorite pair, maybe even two favorites: daytime soft, comfy, forgiving favorite and nighttime, dark, tight, sexy favorite. And yet we’re always on the lookout for the next best look, the next best brand. Enter Koral denim, a line that satisfies everything we are after in the signature look of our country.

And no wonder.

Koral is the spawn of Peter Koral, founder of “7 for all Mankind,” and his son David.The dynamic denim duo – how’s that for alliteration ? –  launched their namesake collection this fall and its creators should be proud  of their baby. The Korals went back to what makes a great pair of jeans great: “quality material, refined finishing and flawless fit.”

At first glance the Koral jean is pure perfection: clean washes, clean lines. The touch is even better: every pair feels soft as silk. And pulling them on is heaven: they simply glide on without pulling, stretching or any Olympic gymnast contortions whatsoever.

A signature component of Koral is the company’s “Lived in Length” wash collection. Simply put, their washes derive from how long they looked “lived in.” For example, “0 month” is the darkest wash while “18 months” is faded out to a perfect year-and-a-half lived-in look.  Colors in between are 3, 8 and 12 months, but go as far out as 48 months.

The bodies break down into two main styles: a skinny pencil and a skinny cropped cigarette.  Boot cuts and trousers are available, but not as important a look. Fashion washes are trending, including color blocking and metallic finishes. Right now look for the avocado-colored skinny. Next month color blocking will be hot in a black front/brown back combo, as well as a black brocade.

And stay tuned for holiday looks in rose gold and ruby sparkle.

Koral just hit the floors and can be found in better stores near you, including our boutique, Two Skirts in Telluride, CO.

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