Great photographs hold more profound possibilities and deeper meaning than aesthetics alone would suggest. They allow our minds to remove the shackles of reality and recreate the feeling, emotion and mystery that infuse and surround the images. It is these moments that fine art and documentary photographer Memphis Barbree seeks to inspire.

The Ah Haa School for the Arts is excited to bring Ms. Barbree back to Telluride for her latest workshop, “Autumn Landscape Photography.” The intensive runs Friday, September 28 – Sunday, September 30.

Barbree’s in-depth workshop, which targets intermediate photographers, involves morning and evening location shooting, exposure techniques, and in-depth critiques of the images shot by each student. Critiques will address important topics such as composition, light direction and quality, visual impact, mood and more. In addition to the technical learning at this workshop, students also get to practice listening to and feeling the world around them in a dual- minded approach to making photographs.

According to Barbree, photography, “can be used just like yoga or Reiki to focus our minds to help us open deeper to the infinity around us, that is us at every moment. When we quiet the distractions of everyday living and focus our minds on something, on a moment, we have the opportunity to experience the universe in a drop of water, in a face, a stream, the back wall of our garage, or a pile of leaves.We can realize or remember that we are part of all that is. We are one with what we are photographing, and that really is the greatest part of it all.”

Photography is a practice of meditation for Barbree. It is also an act of loving, honoring, and devoting herself to what she is photographing. She travels the Earth looking and feeling below surfaces, delving into the nature of life and the life of nature. Recent projects include the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, HH Dali Lama and the Tibetan people living in exile in Dharamsala, India.

Barbree is currently finishing work on a collection of photographs and writings from a three-month solo odyssey across the United States’ Gulf Coast. The work delves into the rich, yet fragile Gulf of Mexico coastline in relation to the Deep Water Horizon oil well disaster. Those images have been shown in public, museum, and private spaces around the United States. The work is held in many private collections and at The New Mexico History Museum.

When Barbree is not creating inspired photographs, she is teaching at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Brown Ledge in Vermont, The Compelling Image online photography school, and private mentorships. She is a mostly self-taught photographer, who honed her skills in an intensive mentorship with George DeWolfe, known for his classical, contemplative black-and-white imagery.

Individuals interested in taking Barbree’s workshop at Ah Haa should have a working knowledge of their camera and laptop.

Call 970.728.3886. or email to register for “Autumn Landscape Photography” with Memphis Barbree.

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