Editor’s Note: The show must go on. While Kristin Holbrook of Two Skirts is out on the road – starting this weekend for the next three weeks, a combination of work and some well-earned play with family and friends –  Fashion Friday continues with the help of Daisy Barth, who co-authored this post with Kristin and whose lovely face is pictured in the lead image.

This season’s silk blouse – seen on fashionistas such as Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo and chic women everywhere – is one more example of everything old turning up new again.

Loose-fitting tops date back at least to the 17th century, when they were favored by Renaissance artisans. The French blouson became a feminine fashion favorite in the Gay Paris – rhymes with wheeeee –  of the 1890s. Enterprising dressmakers realized that rather than attach a flowing bodice to a long skirt, they could simply hem the top’s bottom—and voila!—the mix-or-match blouse was born.

This recycled classic has lots of perks, for one, instant ventilation. And given the temperature around the country these days, that is no small thing. Plus, these loose-fitting lovelies work with just about everything in your summer closet, and you can dress them up or get down.

Fashionistas pair a neon-colored chiffon or silk blouse with jeans to achieve a great look that goes from day to night. (Heels, of course, add flirty fun.) Others tuck a flowing blouse into a high-waisted long skirt for an evening out on the town and finish off the outfit with espadrille wedges.

Blouses with a geometric or floral pattern are just as special as brightly colored styles. And the scooped-neck version invites the wearer to accessorize with a bib necklace of pale stones. And, should you be going some place where the nights are cool, a low-cut blouse looks great under a light summer blazer or sweater.

The world –  from the Spanish chain, Zara, to the all-American Ann Taylor shops – is on to the stylish appeal of the flowy, breezy blouse. Closer to home, check out the many variations on the theme at Two Skirts, Telluride.

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