Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are winners. Big time.

The Olsen twins are tiny women with a giant presence in the fashion world, made larger with the recent announcement that these style icons won top honors at the 2012 FDCA Fashion Awards. The designing duo just won “Womenswear Designer of the Year” for their clothing line “The Row.”

The Olsens, no strangers to in your face fashion statements – oversized glasses, yards of fur, ever-changing hair color – made a truly unique fashion debut in 2007 with their first designer collection “The Row.” Named for the historic Saville Row in London, the label is all about luxury apparel and accessories defined by clean lines, fine fabrics and a sense of discreet and distinguished luxury. The pair quickly followed up on the success of The Row with a more mainstreamed line, Elizabeth and James, a contemporary collection inspired by many of the designers’ personal vintage pieces. Elizabeth and James is a hot ticket at Two Skirts, where the modern lifestyle brand with playful and traditional looks fills in the gap of designer and contemporary fashions. The name itself  speaks to the interplay between girly whimsy and masculine tailoring –  and calls out to all girls named Elizabeth.  (I have a customer named Eizabeth James. A true fan!)

The E&J launch was an instant hit and everyone had to have a “Tokyo Top” or a “Cohen Shirt. ” The Tokyo, a kimono/handkerchief-inspired blouse, the Cohen, a new take on an old button down and a perfect representation of all things Elizabeth and James, since it buttons down the front and back, and can be worn wide and loose or fitted and flattering.  The big/little theme is constant with Elizabeth and James: styles go between boxy blouses and flowy tees, to tight bondage dresses and fitted corset blazers. The “uptown/downtown” feel caters to a diverse crowd and customers young and mature, classic and modern.

Season to season, Elizabeth and James keeps us anticipating the next big thing. This spring it was a neon pink sleeveless blouse and a crisp white blazer adorned with white ostrich feathers!

As it turned out, two clothing collections were not enough for these TV stars turned fashion starlets. They followed up E&J with TEXTILE, the casual mate to the sophisticated E&J, with weekend ready separates and lived-in denim. Next a clothing line for J.C. Penny called Olsenboye and recently a t-shirt line called “StyleMint.” At the tender age of 25, look for more to come from this waif-like, risk-taking, fashion-pioneering pair.

Whether you want to stand out in the crowd or fit right in with the trends, look to the fashions of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. With new takes on classic pieces or for a whole new experience in fashion, celebrate the Olsens’ style success and celebrate yourself at the same time.

You go girls….

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