Looking for some real bang for your buck on the Fourth of July? In lieu of fireworks (which are cancelled due to the drought), cut ’em.

Bangs are a Hollywood trend this year. At the Oscars, bangs were spotted on Rihanna, Reese Witherspoon, Rachel McAdams and Olivia Wilde. Katie Holmes even snapped on fake bangs for the event. (She was photographed days later sans bangs!). My favorite bang wearing star?  Zooey Deschanel. Her heavy dark bangs really make her blue eyes pop!

With the official start of summer, now is the perfect time to try a new do. Many like to go scissor happy for the hotter months, so visit your stylist and go shorter up the front!

If you’re thinking bangs make one look younger, you’ve hit the nail on the head. (Bang, bang!) I had this same hair cut the summer before 5th grade and for me the idea is definitely to look younger. Bangs are also the easiest way to hide the forehead wrinkles.  “Bangs or Botox” has my motto for the past few years. So far bangs have done the trick.

Bangs are the perfect case in point to the idea of “don’t try this at home.” Visit a salon near you. (I recommend Shayla at YX Salon in Telluride.)  Proper scissors in the hands of a professional will give you the right look. And don’t go too short.   Make sure your fringe is long enough to cover the wrinkle between the brows. A too short bang can actually accentuate that area, so caution.

Anyone can sport bangs: blond, brunette, short or long. Even straight or curly. I know because some days I flatiron my hair pin straight and sometimes I curl it up wavy. Regardless, my bangs are straight and heavy. When styling my bangs, I find it important to dry them with a hair dryer for the best effect. I take a wide tooth comb or flat brush and fluff them with the dryer on low. That gives them the right amount of volume.  Air drying or high speed blowing will make them lie flat on your forehead, and a round brush will make them look contrived.

If you’re going for it, don’t be shy. A heavy bang is more dramatic and lends more wrinkle coverage. I’m not a fan of the faint bang. Those wisps looks wimpy to me. Make the commitment and go for it.  You just might look like a movie star.  Or simply younger.  In either case, a win.

Bang, bang.

Happy Fourth!

Note: The blond pictured with bangs is Kristin’s friend Kameron, who recently went for the look. The brunette is Katie Holmes, who also has a home in Telluride.


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  • Shayla
    Posted at 20:44h, 29 June

    Perfectly said , I love to read this every Friday . So glad kameron let me just go for it I thinks she looks young and carefree