With summer around the corner,  are you ready to strut your stuff in the nude? I am talking about nude-colored  and other neutrals in footwear of course.

Can’t decide what color shoe to wear with your new pink jeans, white dress, or orange shorts?  The answer is simple and the same for all options: Go neutral. The simple, barely there colors of beige, tan, camel, and nude are the perfect complement to the rainbow of color dominating spring.

With a brightly colored dress, solid or print, a neutral shoe just fades away and lets the dress do the talking. Meanwhile the tonal hue on the foot gives the illusion of – cue the smiles – a longer leg. (Is that the sound of little feet beating a path to Two Skirts’ door?)

Worn with non-colors, neutral shoes add a totally different spin to a more subdued look. A camel wooden heel can toughen up a sweet white dress. (And white shoes are way too matchie-matchie.) A tan woven wedge adds a softer edge to a serious black dress. (Black with black? Too harsh and wintery).

From cork to wooden heels, to a surprise leopard print heel, neutral shoes come in an array of styles, heights and prices. Among my personal favorites (in store at my boutique Two Skirts) are Rebecca Taylor ($225), Matt Bernson ($196) and Dolce Vita ($168). Even coco-butter flip flops from TKees ($38) are a must have for day looks. Best of all, when traveling, all you need is one shoe to go with all your outfits!

Neutral, a natural for now.

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