Workshop with the remarkable Alena Hennessy this summer

Speaking just for me, I want , no I need, more creative moments in my life. Those are the moments that feed my soul and bring a smile to my heart. Whether it’s designing Ah Haa School’s new summer catalog, creating dresses for the Telluride AIDS Benefit, or just doodling, the ability to express myself creatively brings unmatched joy. The only other time I feel such elation is when I am hiking in the beautiful mountains that surround Telluride.

In Ah Haa School’s search to bring unique and exceptional artists to Telluride, I was ecstatic to find a talent who not only sees and agrees to both these concepts – making art and hiking –  but sees how they come together to make a more fulfilling and well-rounded life.

This June, we are excited to offer a three-day workshop with artist and author Alena Hennessy. Alena’s designs can be found throughout the U.S. and abroad. Clients include Target, Urban Outfitters and Papyrus. Her paintings have been exhibited in  New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. Alena’s new book, “Cultivating Your Creative Life: How to Find Balance, Beauty, and Success as an Artist, “ defines the creative process and its importance in finding balance.

Based partly on the new book, Alena’s workshop at Ah Haa, “Cultivating the Creative Life: Embodying Joy & Intention Through Creativity,” will delve into manifesting joy through artistic play and expression. Working both outside and inside the studio, participants get to explore multiple mediums, journaling and creating pieces to find a fresh creative voice all their own.

Alena has taught several retreats at Squam Art Workshops in New England, a retreat center dedicated to the creative life with attendees from around the world. Abundance, joy and play are inherent themes that often come up in these classes,  and we are excited to bring a bit of that magic to the magic that is Telluride.

Whether your inner artist is screaming to get out or you just enjoy creativity and want a larger dose in your life, Alena’s workshop is the ticket.

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