Spring accessories are floral and futuristic and feature radiant hues. That’s what’s – literally – hot. I am talking about neon pinks, fiery oranges, and bright corals heating up handbags, jeans, stilettos and wedges. Then there is make-up, where lipstick’s most iconic color, a range of reds a la “Mad Men” (and the Rolling Stones), rule.

Read my lips. To indulge in one of the latest fashion crazes without breaking the bank, treat yourself to a new lipstick. Lipsticks range in price from as little as $6 up to $60, so when you tire of a shade, you just wipe it off. A no-brainer, right?

J. Crew’s fashion director, Gayle Spannaus, recommends NARS’s Schiap, named after Elsa Schiaparelli, famous for her bright pinks: “It’s this really vivid and flattering pink that brightens up the whole face.”

If you’re still stuck in a grey, black, or navy palette, then your brand new spring color fix can easily come from the lips. And Two Skirts suggests treating your lipstick as you do your accessories, as color accents that allows you to create a variety of color combinations in your outfit. I love mixing it all up by pairing an orange lip with a purple blouse. Going crazy is easy and fun, especially when the price is right.

We suggest trying a soft coral shade to begin with, such as Bobbi Brown’s Coral Gables, or, for an even more subtle tint, her sheer color gloss in Ultra Violet.

Now here’s a word of caution: focus. The key to beautiful bright lips is to keep the rest of the face looking natural with tinted moisturizer, light pink cheeks, nude shadow, and black mascara on the upper lashes. Bobbi sums up best: “It’s about highlighting one feature at a time.” Oh, and for the most precise lipstick application, she recommends using a lip brush.

We at Two Skirts have been loving the Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette in 20 vibrant shades (a gift from Bobbi). My favorites are “Atomic Pink” and “Candied Red.”  It’s all about lip colors that not only brighten up our faces, but also our days!

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