The “Nifty 50’s” were an optimistic time.  Fads included Hula Hoops and coonskin caps for kids, drive-in movies and rock-n-roll for teens, conical bras and gelatin molds for moms.  On the fashion side of things, there were poodle skirts, knee length shirt dresses with pinched-in waists, high heels, and polka dots.  

Sixty years later, the fashion gods are flashing back to the 1950’s.  Perhaps it’s the influence of “Mad Men”, or perhaps it’s a sign that optimism is back and that our economy will rebound. Whatever the catalyst, celebrities are flaunting the 50’s trend, both on the set and off.

In the 2011 film “I Don’t Know How She Does It”, Sarah Jessica Parker sported the look. She wore Designer Samantha Sung’s 1950’s inspired frocks— full skirts and knee length shirt dresses, often in polka dot prints. At this year’s Oscar’s, Natalie Portman wore a red polka dot, vintage, couture Christian Dior gown circa 1954.

But you don’t have to be famous to flaunt the new 50’s fad.  Wear the look by day in a Samantha Sung shirt dress with ballet flats, or a Milly floral printed circle skirt and cropped cardigan.  For a more casual look, try a Trovata polka dot blouse and high waisted skinny ankle jeans, another 50’s favorite.  By night, the blush and black polka dot dress from Taylor is simply lovely.  Pair it with a peep-toe pump from Rebecca Taylor for a true revival of 50’s style.

So don’t be “square”. Slip into a circle skirt or polka dots this spring and “Rock around the Clock” to the tune of 50’s fashion.

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  1. Shayla says:

    love this look all of us should wear more dresses. wendy looks awesome I hope to see her like this at some of her summer weddings