Here at the Ah Haa School for the Arts, we are gearing up for the end of the ski season with two exhibits featuring the work of three strong and immensely talented local women. Each has her own views and perceptions of the world around us. One touches the mysteries of the universe through the iconic visual of Stonehenge. One explores the human figure through ceramic sculpture. And one uses mixed media and installation work to explore the human condition.

Corinne Scheman has a way of painting that truly moves the soul. Her colors and paint strokes bring alive feelings and beauty regardless of her object. Through abstraction and color, she brings to life the stone grouping known as Stonehenge. Touching upon its ancient mysteries, she forces us think about the vastness of the universe and what they represent to us presently.

Michelle Montague has a way of creating sculptures with humor, feeling and extraordinary uniqueness. She can take the odd and not necessarily pretty aspects of life and infuse them with beauty and strength in clay. This show concentrates solely on human form, both male and female, and will move the view to see life from completely different eyes.

Brittany Miller will be exhibiting an extended body of work off her previous You Are Here show. Her work is a heartfelt portrayal of the human experience. The mannequin has been a central character in her work as it neutrally represents anyone and everyone. Each piece encompasses a depth of metaphor and symbolism reflecting matters of the heart and authenticity. Through her individual works, she touches upon emotional experiences that we have all gone through and reminds us of our search for an authentic life.

These three women have inspired me over the past couple of years, each in her own unique way. The fact that they will all be exhibiting here at the school together makes this a truly special and beautiful opportunity to experience the talent and strength our diverse community provides and nurtures. I hope to see you Thursday, March 1st for the opening reception from 5-8pm as part of the ArtWalk. The shows will be up through April 20, 2012. For more information, please call 970.728.3886 or visit us at

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