It’s shocking. I am talking about the newest color trend: neon pink.

We all had it back in the eighties: Neon pink shoe laces. A hugely over-sized sweatshirt, possibly, even preferably, ripped. Maybe even hot pink leg warmers. Rewinding the tape, are you asking yourself “OMG! What was I thinking? ”

Well, guess what? It is now time to rethink the hue. Give it another shot. It may be shocking that neon pink is back. But, I promise, it’s better this time around.

Hot pink resurfaced last fall with the trend-setting Olson twins’ line, Elizabeth and James. They launched their signature button-back blouse in neon pink and that electrified our boutique, Two Skirts, blowing out the doors. That stylish duo are trying it again this spring, this time, in a sleeveless, gauzy blouse that’s in store right now.

But if a fluorescent top does not suit your taste, there are other, more subdued ways to wear the trend.

Neon pink easily brightens up an otherwise low key look, giving classics an updated, modern twist. Take your basic khakis and cashmere cardigan, add a neon pink clutch from Marc Jacobs and you’re oh so in vogue. I like to think of how Coco Chanel would wear the trend: slight accents paired with a nude and beige palette for lady-like perfection. Bobbi Brown’s spring makeup collection, “Neons and Nudes,” is a great guideline: when adding neon pink, keep the palette soft and natural.

If you’reĀ  still not inclined to invest in anything major that is shockingly bold, one solution is to slip on neon pink thongs from T-Kees or a studded wrap bracelet from Gorjana for an easy $40 fix. Another is to get over it.

The trend in neon pink continues to shine on fall runways, brightening up hues of grey and brown. Two Skirts is in New York right now buying neon pink for the upcoming season. We like the way the color complements camel cashmere sweaters and pops with menswear inspired pants.

Note to reader: Reread this post in six months.

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