Poetry and paintings. Beyond some nifty alliteration, the two can easily travel hand in hand.

For one memorable day only, Saturday, February 11, the Ah Haa School for the Arts cements a marriage made in heaven when we feature two exceptional and exceptionally creative women in one very special workshop: Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Meredith Nemirov. A poet and a painter.

The Poet: As most of you know, Rosemerry is Poet Laureate Emeritus of San Miguel County. Her light and love for life has touched many of us locally. Nationally, her poems have appeared in O Magazine and A Prairie Home Companion. With several collections of published works and a joy for life that knows no bounds, Rosemerry is a perfect guide for those willing to explore their own blithe spirit and will it into words.

The Painter: Meredith Nemirov’s exquisite way with watercolors venture from traditional plein air to the abstract, but always capture the beauty found all around the West. Meredith’s paintings have a delicacy and strength all their own that open a window on the world the viewer may have looked at but never really seen. This, along with her gentle heart and beautiful spirit, makes her the perfect guide for a very personal exploration that expresses itself in images.

One embodies elegance, spirit and strength. The other shares the beauty of the world with us as only a quiet, observant soul can. Together they embody artistic expression and beauty. Ah Haa called their workshop “Where A Line Might Lead You…A Day of Poetry & Drawing.”

Poets often think of a line as a breath unit. Others coax it with meter or tap it with rhyme. Visual artists use a line as a means of discovery and to communicate what they perceive about their environment, internal and external. In Rosemerry’s and Meredith’s class, a line, whether it be of poetry or an expressive graphite mark, becomes a unit of play.

Come with an open heart and a spirit of adventure and we promise you a day of beauty, soulful reflection, artistic expression – and fun.

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  • Charles Wallis
    Posted at 14:40h, 10 February

    This looks to be a powerful and compelling workshop! Great write-up as well.