Aesthetic skin care for life at 8,750 feet, now at the Telluride Medical Center

Seeking to reverse the effects of sun damage and aging? Make a beeline for the Telluride Medical Center.

Mountain Skin Care at the Telluride Medical Center offers two popular methods for smoothing out wrinkles and looking younger:  Botox and Juvéderm.

“Our new services are in addition to what we already advocate: healthy skin care, sun protection, skin evaluations, biopsies, dermatology referrals and treatment of actinic keratosis,” said Medical Director of Primary Care, Dr. Sharon Grundy.

Anti-aging skin care is available throughout the country from a variety of practitioners and has grown in use and popularity over the last decade, according to Gordon Reichard, executive director at the Medical Center. “We’re excited to provide these services by our trusted professionals at our convenient location,” he adds.

Dr. Grundy and Physician Assistant Laura Cattell make up the Mountain Skin Care team. Both have years of experience administering the treatments.

The new Mountain Skin Care services are minimally invasive procedures with low associated complication rates.

The cosmetic effect of Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTX-A) on wrinkles was originally documented by plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Clark, and published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 1989. After formal trial in April 2002, the FDA announced regulatory approval of botulinum toxin type A (Botox) to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate-to-severe glabellar lines. Subsequently, cosmetic use of BTX-A has become widespread with many viewing it as less intrusive and/or artificial than other types of plastic surgery. The results of cosmetic procedures vary, but can last up to eight months.

One of the newest products to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkles in the face is Juvéderm.  The substance is largely hyaluronic acid, a material normally found in the skin, muscles, and tendons of mammals. Approved in June 2006 by the US FDA, Juvéderm’s prime use is removing nasolabial folds, or “smile lines.”

Juvéderm is popularly used as a lip augmentation agent to plump lips, and to fill in hollow places and scars on the face. All hyaluronic acid facial filler products are eventually absorbed by the body, usually within six to nine months.

Other procedures, such as Intense Pulse Light therapy may be offered early in 2012.

Both Dr. Grundy and Laura Cattell obtained training in skin aesthetics from the Aesthetic Enhancement International Institute in Dania Beach, Florida.

Other services offered by the Telluride Medical Center include Primary Care, Trauma and Emergency care and the Institute for High Altitude Medicine.

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