Your Ah Haa Moment: Mixed Media Mosaics With A Flair

Coming up at Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts: Mixed Media Mosaics with instructor Flair Robinson.

Flair is a self-taught mosaic and assemblage artist, who works primarily with hand-cut ceramic tile, glass, and recycled junk. She is first and foremost a colorist, fascinated by the kaleidoscopic combinations of color made possible by her medium. Flair constantly seeks new and different variations on the theme of color mixing and finds inspiration in vintage advertising, old road-side signs and attractions, carnival games and fabric. Her all-time high is taking bits and pieces of nothing and turning them into something.

Flair_LiBlack bull BlackBGFlair Robinson is currently featured (through December) at Telluride Arts’s Stronghouse Studios.  The show, “52 Wheels,”is about a show running wild through the night, on October 31, Halloween. It is about the smell of cotton candy, hot, buttered popcorn, and the leaves whirling ’round you like a Tilt-a-Whirl. The exhibit speaks to the feeling we get when we’ve just shot off our last bottle rocket (and the cops are headed our way). And it is about the color of the wrapper on our last Sugar Daddy back in 1967, the one  at the bottom of our Halloween bag.  Put it all together and Flair’s “52 Wheels” is about nostalgia, color, and an unrequited love for all things that spin.

See the show, but taking Flair’s class offers an opportunity to experience her special brand of magic up close and personal.

Mixed Media Mosaics promises to offer a creative, outside -the -box approach to ceramic tile mosaics for interior use. The intensive  covers terminology, design, mosaic surfaces, fixatives, tools, grouting, sealing and finishing, targets beginners, and welcomes all comers. And it takes place just in time for Halloween.

Mixed Media Mosaics happens Friday – Sunday, October 28 – October 30, and is part of “Art of Being a Woman Month” in October at Ah Haa.

Follow this link to hear Flair talk about making mosaics and her recent class in 2010.

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