To Your Health: Annual Health Fair 10/8/2011


Health Fair ad PLANET 9-1.6 The annual health fair at the Telluride Medical Center takes place Saurday, October 8, 2011, between the hours of 8-11 AM. Listen to the conversation between Sasha Cucciniello and Primary Care manager, Eric C. Johnson, MS, CFNP-BC, in which they discuss the services provided during the Health Fair.

During his tenure at the Medical Center Eric Johnson has provided Emergency and Primary Care to the residents of Telluride.  His current focus is Primary Care.  He continues to see and enjoy caring for the families of Telluride across their life spans.  He is also currently the Primary Care Practice Manager.
Eric sits on the Ridgway Town Council, Ridgway, Colorado. Eric had been a river guide, outdoor educator and cabinet maker before entering the medical field. Eric lives with his wife, Kaye Middleton, in Ridgway with their dog Gus.  He enjoys running, hiking, skiing, gardening and cooking and is a sometimes writer and poet.

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