Telluride Inside... And Out's Fashion Friday: Skinny Micro Flare

[click “Play”, Ashley talks with Susan about micro flare jeans]


Joe's Skinny Micro Flare Everything old is new again. This week’s installment of Telluride Inside… and Out’s Fashion Friday looks over its shoulder to the 1970s, the decade of denims (and trousers) that generally hugged the thigh, becoming wider from the knees down. Back then, the style and its variations was called “bell-bottoms” or “flare” or “loon pants” or boot-cut/leg.

The updated classic combines the ever trendy skinny jean with a vintage-inspired mini flare just at the bottom, a great look to wear with simple sweater and boot by day, but easily dressed up for a night on the town. Different designers refer to the style differently: micro flare, tulip and mini bootcut are three ways to identify the look.

Ashley Deppen of Two Skirts says you can wear micro flares now and into the fall and winter.

To learn more, listen to Ashley’s rap.

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