Telluride Inside… and Out's Fashion Friday: Birds of a feather

Telluride Inside… and Out's Fashion Friday: Birds of a feather

[click “Play”, Susan is tickled to be speaking with Ashley Deppen]


Feather earrings Talk about summer fashions and the conversation, according to our fashionista’s at Telluride’s trendy Two Skirts boutique, inevitably gets light. As light as a feather.

Feathers (and fringe), remnants of the 1960s hippie dippy days, surfaced on runways from Paris to New York for the summer season. Birds of the feather, world famous designers all, used feathers in glam gowns and dresses for subtle, uber feminine details and added texture. Feather looks came in all sizes, colors and styles. Whole looks from designers like Alexander McQueen and Zac Posen harkened back to days when eye-popping confections on the silver screen nearly stole the show. (Think Fred and Ginger or Zeigfeld or any fairy tale.) Other designers, like Two Skirts’ Tucker limited themselves to feathers as accents.

Feather detail Feather details grace dresses, yes, but also hats, skirts, shoes and other accessories. At Two Skirts, feather earrings top the list of trendy jewelry.

Learn how to rock this trend by listening to this week’s interview with Ashley Deppen, one of our favorite style gurus. (Just click the “play” button.)

(ed. note: To local fly shops and fly fishermen- Feathers as fashion wasn’t my idea. Hope you got lots of flies tied before the price of feathers went up!)

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