Telluride Yoga Center: Weekend Workshop With Sterios, 6/10 – 6/12

[click “Play” to hear Peter Sterios’ conversation with Susan]

 Peter Sterios presents Gravity & Grace

Sterios-seated Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Viniyoga, Hot Yoga or Jiva Mukti. Whatever your practice – or if you are just a beginner with no regular practice at all – the weekend workshop at the Telluride Yoga Center provides foundational insights about ways to sharpen our attention and learn to listen to subtle body sensations that apply across disciplines.

June 10 – June 12, 2011, Peter Sterios, a licensed architect, founder of Manduka, a leading eco-yoga products company, and an inspiring yoga instructor, presents “Gravity and Grace: The Power of Surrender & Intuitive Response,” a three-day immersion with live music and a special concert (open to all) on Saturday night. (Look for a related post about the performers.)

“Gravity & Grace,” an approach to a practice Sterios developed over three decades of study and practice in America and India, rests squarely on the ancient yoga teaching channeled through Sri Krishnamacharya, the man credited with opening the door of yoga to the West. In class, Sterios  challenges students to observe how the subtle external force of gravity influences what they are doing on their mats and offers ways to surrender to any resistance experienced in their physical (and emotional) body. Softening to the resistance through the breath, we become stronger inside and out. The theory is that if we are no longer distracted by muscular tensions, if we are no longer a slave to external stimuli of any kind, we can become more attuned to the life force, prana, as it travels on the breathe throughout our bodies.

When all is said and done, any Hatha Yoga practice, Gravity & Grace included, is all about steeling the body, “baking” it well, to prepare us for what is the ultimate goal of Yoga: self-transformation through the realization of our unchanging Self.

To learn more about how Peter found Yoga and how Gravity & Grace evolved, follow this link. To learn more about Peter Sterios and his workshop, click the “play” button and listen to his interview.

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