Telluride Inside... And Out's Fashion Friday: My Bkr

[click “Play”, Kristin speaks with Sususn about bkr water bottles]


When the going gets tough, the smart consider all their options. They think out of the box. Or the water bottle.

Telluride’s uber hip Two Skirts began as a little store on Oak Street carrying designer clothing. Period. Then the store moved to Main Street and began its slow but sure expansion. One day, there were accessories: bags, belts, scarves,   shawls. Next came shoes, jewelry, watches and undergarments, eventually makeup (Bobbi Brown). And now: The bkr bottle.

The bkr bottle, really a dressed up 500 ml glass water bottle, marries design, function and sustainability in one super stylish package. Who says “green” has to rhyme with “grunge”? 
Bkr’s brightly hued cushiony sleeves with names like Pop (a vibrant, nearly fuchsia pink), Ripe (a plucky, day glow tangerine), Bubble (a blushing, soft pale pink), Pool (a brilliant, cerulean blue) and Fog (a charcoal, misty grey that pays homage to the founders’ home town of San Francisco), prove that great looks and functionality are not mutually exclusive. Good design can be safe, green and clean. (See, the Bauhaus or almost anything Italian.)

Bkr has a finger-hold loop that lets you grip however you wish. The simple translucent cap takes only 1 ½ twists to close. The small mouth that makes it easy to drink when you’re on the go – a perfect design for today’s urban warrior.

And part of bkr’s business plan is to give back to the world: a percentage of the company’s sales are to be invested in initiatives that combat the global water crisis and bring clean drinking water to the millions of people on the planet less fortunate than we are.

To learn more, click the “play” button and hear what Two Skirts’ Kristin Holbrook has to say about bkr.

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