Telluride Institute News: Compassion Festival Explores Intersection Of Science And Spirituality


The Second Annual Compassion Festival—an “Ideas Festival” hosted by the Telluride Institute—is scheduled for July 8-10 at the Sheridan Opera House. This will be a unique event dedicated to exploring 'compassion for a world in crisis'. This enormously important and complex subject will be investigated through multiple lenses including that of the current news from neuroscience examining the workings of the human brain, that of Tibetan Buddhism, and that of the sacred teachings of the Navajo people. Experts from each field will describe and discuss with each other, and the audience, the workings of compassion in the world. This central conversation will be accompanied by an exhibition and marketplace of both Navajo and Tibetan objects.

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  1. This years COMPASSION FESTIVAL is going to be amazing- we will keep uploading information to our institute web page:
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