Fashion Friday: Tucker at Two Skirts, Telluride

Fashion Friday: Tucker at Two Skirts, Telluride

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Tucker fashion Here’s the good news: at the height of Spring Break, Telluride’s Two Skirts was slammed. We personally saw customers marching across Main Street with BIg Bags from the store at around 10 p.m. one night. Here’s the bad news: everyone was too busy to record Fashion Friday. But we’re back and into the first week of Spring, which started this year on March 20.

In Spring, a young girl’s fancy turns toward vibrant colors and patterns: the brand, “Tucker” springs to mind.

Since 2005, Tucker by Gaby Basora has developed a reputation for signature prints and vintage-inspired silhouettes inspired by, well, a hodgepodge of inputs. According to the designer, she may be turned on by “Marguerite Duras, a drawing made by her son, the way a tree looks when she bikes by it, the French schoolgirls she saw when she was a little girl visiting Paris in the 1980s.

Tucker is all about nostalgia, but grounded in the here and very now.

To find out more about what Two Skirts has in store from Tucker, click the “play” button and listen to Kristin’s rap.

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