Hackman Launches Telluride Yoga Fest In Winter: Retreat, 3/10– 3/13, 2011

[click “Play” to listen to Aubrey’s conversation with Susan]


TELLURIDE_YOGA_FESTIVAL_2009_BEST-43 Think of it as an amuse bouche for the original Telluride Yoga Festival, a taste of what is to come this summer. Thursday, March 10 – Sunday, March 13, the Telluride Yoga Festival holds its first ever Winter Retreat at the Peaks Resort & Spa. The event includes morning and evening Yoga, meditation and kirtan, plus ski, snowshoe and spa privileges.

The Winter Retreat is the brainchild of the woman who founded the Telluride Yoga Festival, entering its fourth year. Aubrey Hackman is a certified Jivamukti teacher, whose focus is sustainable living on and off the mat. In addition to Aubrey, instructors include certified Ashtanga yoga teacher/artist David Hollander, who also presents at the July event, certified Ashtanga instructor/local Victoria Hoffman, who will be leading meditations, and certified Iyengar instructor/ local Annie Clark.

To learn more from Aubrey, click the “play” button and listen to her interview.Telluride Yoga Fest: Winter Retreat, 3/10– 3/13, 2011

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