Fashion Friday: James Perse At Telluride's Two Skirts

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Outerwear_w This week, Telluride’s Two Skirts is focused on a guy from Los Angeles and his tops for Spring.

Designer James Perse was born in Los Angeles in 1972. His childhood was split between the beach, the hockey rink, and the floor of his father’s innovative Los Angeles boutique, Maxfield. Maxfield was at the forefront of Los Angeles’s fashion scene, so young James received an incidental education on cutting-edge fashions from Europe and Asia, on modern architecture and furniture design. Ironically, however,  it was sports that led young James into fashion.

Obsessed with baseball caps, James could never find one that was well designed from the standpoint of quality construction, shape, fabric, and coloring. In 1991, James created that ideal cap for Maxfield. It was not long before customers became clients, including film directors, ordering them for cast and crew. Record labels bought them for tours.

In 1994, James launched a t-shirt line that rapidly gained loyal fans looking for its seamless blend of luxe and casual. The t-shirt line begat other successful businesses.

To find out what’s in store for Spring, click the “play” button and listen to Ashley Deppen’s Fashion Friday rap.

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