Fashion Friday: All about color

Fashion Friday: All about color

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Desigual-at-jordanos Color associations may vary within a culture at different periods and between cultures across the globe. But the facts are indisputable: colors convey emotions. Telluride is a colorful town. So and so is a colorful person. Associations with color are defined by our senses, our language, and our personalities. But feelings colors convey attach to our moods like bees to honey.

According to painter/philosopher Wasily Kandinsky, color combinations express all possible emotions and spiritual values. Blue, for example, is a heavenly color, but when mixed with black, it expresses grief. Lighter blues are more calming. Green generally connotes stillness and peace. Light red is a warm color, expressing force, energy, decisiveness, and joy. Middle red tends to evoke feelings of stability and passion, however, its intensity gets reduced when it is mixed with blue. Violet, a mixture of red and blue, tends to express grief. White is the harmony of silence – but a silence pregnant with possibilities. And so on….

This week’s Fashion Friday is all about color. Color as expressed in the fun casual line designed by Swiss national Thomas Mayer for the Barcelona-based brand, Desigual  (means “unequal”), a company whose goal is to communicate positivism, commitment, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation, and fun through its crazy patchwork designs.

Beyond Desigual, there is more color in store at Telluride’s Two Skirts. Click the “play” button and discover the kaleidoscope of choices by listening to Ashley Deppen’s Fashion Friday blast.

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