Fashion Friday: What To Wear For A Date With Santa In Telluride

[click “Play” for Ashley Deppen’s idea of what to wear]

DSC00434 For sure, not some cliched Christmas sweater, with reindeer dancing across your chest. Especially not in Telluride, where cliches go to die.

And fagettabout the low cut red velvet number trimmed in faux fuh. There already is a Mrs. Santa.

Some je ne suis quoi in red and green? Nope, your holiday tree has that color combo cornered.

DSC00433 Earrings that light up like Christmas lights? Hmm, check outside. Don’t think you want to compete with Telluride’s fabbie streetlights.

After weeks of hauling bags from store to car to house, you feel like a bag lady – and you have nothing to wear. (Now that we’ve eliminated your options, see above.)

The good news is help is just around the corner. Click the “play” button and listen to Ashley Deppen’s  (of Two Skirts) suggestions.

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