Fashion Friday: Stocking Stuffers At Telluride's Two Skirts

[click “Play”, Ashley Deppen talks about stocking stuffers]


Grommet-and-studded-skinny-double-wrap-bracelet-45 Google “gift giving advice” and over 7 million sites pop up. ‘Tis the season in Telluride and everywhere else on the planet. And we are down to the, well, the 10th hour anyway, with Christmas Eve exactly one week away. 

Has your ho ho ho gone flat as a pancake in your annual hunt for The Perfect Gift? We all know – because the media have told us a thousand times or more – the right gift is perfect when it is a heartfelt expression of how you feel about the recipient. Sweating it? Stumped? Ask Ashley Deppen of Telluride’s Two Skirts, the Main Street address with something for everyone for Christmas.

Just click the “play” button to find out what’s in store.

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