Fashion Friday: Gray Jeans

[click “Play” for Ashley Deppen’s conversation about blue… oops, GRAY jeans]


Grey Ava Two Skirts’ Fashion Friday is all about spotting fashion trends and how they translate at home in Telluride. Nothing ambiguous about that. The word “gray,” however, connotes statements and events that are ambiguous, incomplete, lackluster. Except in this context.

The words “blue” and “denim”  generally twin to describe jeans, which are ubiquitous in most women’s wardrobes. And not just one pair. Often half a dozen or more. Many of us stock up on the jean flavor of the season: patchwork, boyfriend, distressed, etc. However, blue is not the dominant color in jeans this season: found on the catwalks and the bodies of edgy hipsters from coast to coast is a variation on the theme of a gray jean. And the fit tends to be sleek and straight.

Telluride’s Two Skirts stocks three styles of gray jeans in shades of gray, all from Citizen.

Click the “play” button and listen to Ashley Deppen rap about the different bodies and how to wear gray jeans day and date.

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