Telluride AIDS Benefit Hosts Hope's Voice, 11/19 At School

[click “Play” for Todd Murray’s conversation with Susan]


Unknown The Telluride AIDS Benefit has focused on prevention education and outreach since its inception in 1993. The next chapter in TAB’s playbook occurs Friday, November 19, when TAB hosts Hope’s Voice, a special program, exclusive to the student body of the Telluride Middle School/High School.

The talk, “Does HIV Look Like Me,” features Hope’s Voice spokespeople Todd Murray and Christina Rock, two young adults living with HIV/AIDS. Specifically the duo plan to discuss the realities of living, not dying, with an uninvited and persistent “companion.”

Hope’s Voice was founded in 2004 by Todd, following a Ryan White National Youth Conference. After speaking about living with HIV/AIDS, he was approached by his peers, other young adults, all interested in using their voices and faces to help bust stereotypes and stigmas attached to those whose lives have been permanently affected by the pandemic.

To preview Todd’s talk, click the “play” button and listen to his interview.

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