Fashion Friday: With necklaces, more is more

Fashion Friday: With necklaces, more is more

[click “Play” to hear Ashley’s take on big jewelry]


IMG00229-20101110-1107 Telluride’s weather changes at least as quickly as the mood of our country’s electorate. Quicker. So we have all become accustomed to the concept of layering. But Ashley Deppen of Telluride’s ever popular Two Skirts is not talking fleece. She is talking bling, specifically necklaces. Wearing multiples, say four or five in graduating length, ramps up the look from Grace Kelly to Lady Gaga. (OK, I exaggerate a bit.) But stacking does blend elegant with funky, which is what Fall is all about: reworking the classics.

To learn more about how to put chains and more together, click the “play” button and listen to Ashley’s suggestions.

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