Fashion Friday: Jeggings

Fashion Friday: Jeggings

by Ashley Deppen

Verdugo Jegging Telluride's Two Skirts is talking hybrids. Not the kind you drive on the road. The jeans kind.

Just as most of us have begun to warm up to the idea of a skinny jean, another jean comes along, skinnier, tighter, possibly better. Regarded by some as the most important fashion revolution of the 21st century, I believe the so-called Jegging is here to stay.

What exactly is a “Jegging” you might ask?  It is what happens when a super tight jean and a legging of denim spandex merge. The resulting garment has the fashionable look of a skinny jean and the comfort of your favorite pair of leggings.  Jeggings are hip and sexy and can be worn by almost all body types, and here’s how….

For a slimming effect, choose a dark wash for your Jeggings and buy them tight.  Jeggings should feel like second skin because they will stretch. (Trust me, I know from experience.) Jeggings are the perfect companion to long shirts and dresses. For daytime wear, pair a belted tunic with a cardigan over your Jeggings and finish the look with feminine flats or ankle boots. For nighttime, dress your Jeggings up by pairing them with a sequined mini dress, blazer, and knee high boots or heels. Or, if you live in Telluride like me and are of the “less is more” school of thought, wear your Jeggings everyday with your Ugg boots or Sorrels and oversized knit sweaters.

Two Skirts carries a variety of Jegging styles. We urge you to come in and try on a pair. Who knows? You may end up trading in those comfortable yoga pants for a new pair of denim Jeggings.

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